Is geico really the cheapest?

Among New York's large auto insurance companies, Progressive, Geico, State Farm, Allstate, Travelers, and USAA are the cheapest. On average, you'll find the lowest rates from these providers in the Empire State. In fact, you might do better in the Geico fold. Geico tends to offer a lot of discounts than full-service providers they have avoided.

For example, the company's safe driver discount is almost as strong as the much touted State Farm bonus. Even better, their good student discount is deeper and longer lasting than most other similar discounts. In addition, the company enjoys high customer satisfaction rates and has a well-staffed complaints department that is renowned for providing attentive service. On the contrary, many discount providers are reluctant to pay the claims of your policyholders.

While it's true that Geico is often the cheapest domestic provider, your actual policy premiums can depend on a wide range of factors. Even if you decide to leave Geico after a bad pricing experience, you're likely to run into the same problem with your next provider. If you've experienced such an inexplicable increase in premiums as a Geico customer, you may have been caught off guard. Geico Insurance operates in a gray area between full-service auto insurance providers like State Farm and providers with reduced rates like The General. In other words, Geico's advertising campaign is based on its ability to offer its policyholders a middle ground between service and value.

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