Is paying car insurance annually cheaper?

There's usually a discount if you decide to pay for your car insurance annually, but it's a larger upfront expense that may not fit your budget. In general, paying your car insurance premium annually instead of monthly is the most affordable option. Providers incur processing costs if you pay the premium in installments, and those costs are included in your monthly payment. Most insurers offer a discount if you pay in full, as this reduces your costs.

Regardless of how you manage your bills, paying your premium in full will reduce the number of insurance payments you make in a year. But what if your insurer doesn't offer a discount for the total payment? In that scenario, long-term savings are still possible. Regardless of the length of the policy you choose, you should compare the quotes of some of the best auto insurance companies in the market. Some insurance companies offer discounted rates for people who pay for their entire coverage, but the discounts can vary significantly from one insurer to another to another.

Paying your insurance premium in full is a great way to set your rates over the term, but it can affect your ability to switch companies or take advantage of lower rates from another insurer. We collected data on dozens of auto insurance companies to rate companies based on a wide range of classification factors. While you may not earn much interest on your money if it stays in your bank account, if you spend it to pay your full insurance premium, you may not have an emergency fund when you need it. Auto insurance companies review rates at the end of the policy period, so the cost of your insurance coverage can decrease more quickly. Alternatively, you may be able to pay part of your premium and then choose installment payments for the balance.

Rashawn Mitchner is a senior editor on the MarketWatch Guides team and deals with issues related to personal finance and insurance. With a 12-month car insurance policy, you must decide if flexibility or fixed rates are your priority. Aside from the length of the policy, there's not much difference between six-month and 12-month auto insurance.

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