Which gender pays more for car insurance?

When comparing insurance rates with those of family or friends, you may have found some puzzling differences and had some questions. For example, you might wonder which gender pays the most for car insurance. It's a fascinating question that insurance companies can explain with statistics or even with the analysis of behavioral patterns. Actually, there are a lot of factors that affect auto insurance rates, but what exactly is the role of gender? These are the main findings. In many states, it's a general fact that men pay more for car insurance than women in general.

Statistics show that men generally drive at greater risk, causing insurance companies to charge more to insure them. However, this is not the case in all states. Women often face higher car insurance premiums than men. In Louisiana, on average, the same airline charged female drivers 17% higher premiums than their male counterparts.

Often, a driver's gender has little impact on your car insurance premium, but other qualifying factors can affect the amount you'll pay. However, certain critical factors, such as a driver's claim history, can play an important role in your insurance premium, regardless of gender. While gender can influence an insurance company's underwriting guidelines, factors such as your driving and accident history tend to have the biggest impact on your insurance premium. The average difference between car insurance rates with full coverage for men and women is around 4% on average.

A study that analyzed more than a million auto insurance quotes found that states that allowed gender to be a factor in determining rates generated premiums for men 10% higher than for women. These programs, also known as usage-based insurance, track your driving through a mobile application or device that connects to the car. When allowed, many airlines use the sex of the applicant or the policyholder to determine the premium of their safe. Insurance companies use many factors, which may include the gender of the applicant, when determining car insurance rates.

Some states prohibit airlines from using gender as a rating factor, and some insurers have stopped including gender in their underwriting guidelines. Not all states allow insurers to use the gender on your driver's license as a factor in determining your car insurance premium. On the MarketWatch Guides team, we'll analyze which gender pays the most for car insurance, analyzing the average rates for each state and those of some of the most popular insurance companies. If your state allows you to change the gender of your driver's license, your insurance company may also allow you to change the gender of your car insurance policy.

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