Is term life insurance the cheapest?

Term life insurance is the cheapest type of life insurance policy; the cost of full life insurance can be significantly higher. Term life insurance tends to be much more affordable than permanent life insurance, since it includes comprehensive life and universal life insurance policies. With term life insurance, you have coverage for a certain number of years. After that period has elapsed, the policy expires. Term life insurance policies are generally cheaper than permanent life insurance policies, such as full life insurance or universal life insurance policies.

Your rate will depend on the insurer you choose and the factors described above. Just because term life insurance is generally the cheapest doesn't mean it's always the best life insurance option for you. This feature is different from other competitors, who only offer a list of terms to choose from, often in five-year increments. With competitive pricing and a range of flexible terms for its Select-a-Term product, Corebridge is a solid choice for many life insurance buyers.

Children's life insurance is usually a full-life insurance policy that lasts the child's entire life, as long as the premiums are paid. The tables below provide a comparison of the average rates by type of policy, amount and age of the insured. To find the best affordable life insurance, CNBC Select looked at term life insurance policies that offer affordable premiums, good customer service, and a strong track record of financial strength. Symetra had the cheapest life insurance rates based on average costs for a variety of coverage amounts and terms, making it the best option for term life insurance buyers.

A fixed-term life policy can provide economic coverage for the period when you need it most, such as for the duration of your mortgage or until your children graduate from college. Smokers pay at least twice as much for life insurance as non-smokers because smoking has known negative health effects, affecting insurance risk. State Farm offers a variety of term, comprehensive, and universal life insurance products to choose from, in addition to other types of insurance. Taking out an individual term life policy is almost always the most affordable way to get the life insurance coverage your family needs.

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